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About Us

WinSys was formed in Singapore since 1998, we work competing against a lot of challenges when managing IT industry that helps as one of the leaders in IT industry. We offer our customers a better improvement in the business that can control the cost with flexible and effective solution through technology.

At WinSys we do both wholesale and retail for used and new products such as Servers, Laptops, PC, Projectors, Smartphones, Tablets, Computer Hardware and AV(Audio and Video) products items. We serve our customers additional services such as Hard Disk Degaussing, Destruction and Disposal, IT System Rental, Software consulting, IT Asset & System Management and IT System Resales.

All the services help our presence in global and one of the largest leaders in the market. The demands in the market and business requirement changes from one organization to another, customer to customer which drive through technology by controlling the cost and fulfil the demanding solution to manage the business without any strain.


WinSys manages and sells the broad range of products such as Servers, Laptops, PC, Projectors, Monitors, Smartphones, Tablets, Computer Hardware and AV items. We are one of the best and largest importers and exporters in the global market to sell all products.

WinSys are not only sell the used and new products, help to deal with refurbishing products. We assure our customers to fulfil the commitments, supportive, trustworthy and timely delivery the products in a secure approach.

Computer Hardwares
Audio & Video Items


WinSys is an active participant in the local and overseas IT service industry which allows us to keep up with the needs in the industry. We are the trusted and honest service provider in the market.

WinSys provides wide range of services such as Hard Disk Degaussing, Destruction and disposal services, IT Systems Rental, Software Development, Maintenance and Consultancy Services, IT Asset & System Management, IT System Resales. All of our services help our customers to control the cost, evolve and achieve their target more efficient way as well as serve excellent value to the environment.


Hard Disk Degaussing, Destruction and Dispose Services

Every organization and business requires safe and secures their data and confidential documents. To manage and help with our experts to reduce the risks and destroy the data with proper security in a safe way such as data degaussing, erasing, crashing and shredding.

All the key operations make our customers happy and hassle free in concentrating on the business improvements to reach their goal without any consequences.


IT System Rental

Now-a-days systems play a vital role in all companies(IT\ Non-IT), all sectors(Government\Non-government), Schools, Colleges etc., managing the systems, calculate life and end to end IT recycle based on priority and all firms have to do another big process.

WinSys serves to avoid all the hectic process for our customers and concentrate on the relevant business, provide the rental systems or servers for long term/ short term with best principles and policy which will help our customers’ time, cost and effort. We work for the goal all our customers only focus on their business to make it more profitable and enduring.


Software Development, Maintenance and Consultancy Services

WinSys is not only responsible for system sales and maintenance, also helps in consultation for software to implement the business improvements and develop software based on requirement as needed. Every industry has an ever-increasing requirement to control costs and adhere their process with proper regulations. We allow them to fulfil their needs with new technologies will drive and face any potential challenges and achieve the commitment to control time and cost as well as man-hours.


IT Asset & System Management

WinSys manage the system after manufacturing stage to end of life. We are not only helping customers but also serve our duty to the environment to make the beautiful world as it is. We ensure the e-waste properly recycled in procedural way, not to harm the atmosphere.

We follow the systematic and efficient approach to adapt the compliance and regulations in order to maintain and deal with IT systems as well as value data and setup new office with systems effectively.


IT System Resales

WinSys serves to sell the used products such as Servers, Laptops, PC, Projectors, Monitors, Smartphones, Tablets, Computer Hardware and AV items, which proves as one of the global leader in the IT market. As the computer industry is keep up and varies with different needs which require the small company to top corporate to modify the way as per industry change faster to restrain the position in the market.

We facilitate the customers with both used and refurbish products to achieve it also resale all items ensuring the best cost in the market with good, reliable and honest approach.

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